Commercial Water EfficiencyLet’s help you save money

A water efficiency audit will help reduce water wastage by measuring the amount of water required for a particular purpose and the amount of water used or delivered. Water efficiency differs from water conservation in that it focuses on reducing waste, not restricting use. We can carry out a water effiency audit for both commercial buildings and domestic dwellings. For more information visit our Commercial Water Efficiency page.

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We are very proud to annouce the launch of our new on-line shop where we have a great range of water recycling and water saving products.

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Save water, save money!

Rain Water HravestingThe demand for water is always going up but the water in our reservoirs has gone down. This increases out water bills and puts a strain on the environment. But what if you could harvest water from the rain? An underground water tank becomes your very own reservoir. Storing water for flushing the toilet, watering the garden, washing the car. Not only can this save you money you’re helping the environment. For more information visit our Rain Water Harvesting page.

Do you have a water leak?

Leak DetectionIf you have an external meter fitted and are experiencing high water bills or a spike in your water bills? You might have a leak! Maybe the grass grows quicker in particular place or when the weather is dry for long periods there maybe a ‘greener’ patch on your lawn or occasionally you here the sound running water. These could be a sign of a water leak. Watertwo will undertake any leak detection, repair or replacement to main water supplies. For more information visit our Leak Detection page.